About Lori

Lori Cornmesser RuizLori Cornmesser, of the San Francisco Bay Area, took a big step within her career within the channel, leaving Juniper Networks, where she had worked for the past 11 years, in order to join Ixia Communications.  At Ixia, Lori Cornmesser has taken on the role of VIce President of Global Channel Sales, a completely new position within the company, thus requiring a skilled and knowledgeable individual who is a self-sufficient go-getter to take on this challenge.  There is no question that Cornmesser fit the bill.  In her career within the channel for the past 25 years, Lori Cornmesser has proved herself to be a force within the Channel.

Her inclusive experience lead to her being named one of the 2016 Channel Chiefs for CRN and being recognized by CRN Magazine as one of the Top Women of the Channel in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016. In 2009, 2014, 2015, and 2016, she also made the coveted Power 100 list. Lori Cornmesser was named by the Diversity Journal as the Woman to Watch of 2011.  More recently, Lori Cornmesser has further added to her impressive accolades.  She was named a Channel Chief of 2014 by CRN Magazine, an honor bestowed upon those working within the channel who have exhibited exceptional managerial skills, such that they drive the overall success of the company and success within their partnerships.  Even more recently, Lori Cornmesser was listed among the 2014 Power 100 of CRN Magazine: The Most Powerful Women Of The Channel.  Having grown Ixia’s network of partners to over 400 worldwide members in just six month’s time, as well as has cultivated old partnerships to make for better and stronger mutually beneficial relations. 

While she is dedicated to her career and no doubt works extremely hard in order to contribute greatly to the growth and success of her company, as well as the growth and success of herself within her field, Lori Cornmesser also serves as a the President of the Silicon Valley branch of the larger umbrella organization, the California Diversity Council. As Lori Cornmesser is of Latin, German, and African American descent, she relates to issues of diversity and understands the importance of not only celebrating diversity, but also in spreading an understanding of diverse backgrounds and cultivating diverse work environments.

As a highly influential and established woman in the business world, Lori Cornmesser understands that it is imperative to the growth and development of not only our workplaces, but of society at large, that an understanding and acceptance of diversity be developed, if not established in our society.  Her understanding of business and work environments allow her to recognize the fact that the employees of any given business are the most crucial components of  the smooth running, productivity, and growth of a company.  Diversity in a workplace is necessary in order for a company to operate on a global scale and advance within the world’s contemporary marketplace.  In order to be big-time progressive contenders, companies need to tap into the resources that each and every one of their employees possesses.  Companies need to recruit and retain individuals who have skills that are valuable within the field of the company, as well as have the ability to think critically and draw from their unique personal background in order to contribute to growth and expansion of the business.  Diversity is crucial to a truly successful company.

Previously when she served as President of the Silicon Valley Diversity Council, Lori Cornmesser sought to make a positive impact on diversity within the corporate world.  From the eyes of a business, she worked to, “employ the market,” in order to serve them in the best possible manner.  That is to say, companies need to select individuals with the utmost levels of expertise and keep them working within their company.  To do this, companies must draw from an applicant pool from a gender-equal standpoint as well as from a standpoint of offering equal opportunities for people of all ethnicities and backgrounds.  To use her own words, Lori Cornmesser stated that businesses must, “acknowledge and leverage similarities and differences.”

Lori Cornmesser is highly attuned to the changing climate of the business world and the success of businesses on a global platform.  In order to keep up with the rapidly growing business world, leaders in their industry can no longer sustain a pool of employees all of the same make and mold.  Acknowledging and welcoming diversity is the key to business growth and success in this time.  Lori Cornmesser accurately describes the possibility that a diverse company holds in saying, “From this dynamic diversity come the next great idea, the breakthrough innovation, the community cohesiveness, and the commitment that can make us extraordinary rather than merely ordinary.”