Supporting Female Leadership in the Workplace

Lori Cornmesser

Women in the Workplace

It is important to support women in the workplace.  While there are undeniably more women in today’s workforce than in years past, there is a lot that needs to be done in terms of gender equality and supporting women in the workforce.  In a recent Huffington Post article, this issue is addressed and gives tips as to how individuals can contribute to cultivating female leaders within companies and allowing for females to be ushered into these positions.

1. Join Forces With Coworkers-  Include coworkers and those in leadership roles in learning about the importance of women in power roles.  There are a lot of statistics that suggest that women in leadership within a company can foster greater business success.  A recent study found that in companies that had three or upwards of three women filling roles within senior management had higher scores on all 9 levels of company organizational criteria, such as leadership, motivation, accountability, and so on, than companies with no women working in their senior tier.

2. Cultivate Inside the Company-  Many companies looking to add more women to their employment force focus too much on recruiting women, but not enough on helping the women already working there to develop and grow within the company, thus not maintaining high rates of retention.  Recruiting expert Adrienne Graham, with over 20 years of experience in the field, says, “If a company really wants to attract and retain top female talent, it must make more effort in the area of talent development.” Younger employees will feel empowered in seeing other women climb the ranks of the company, motivating them to stay with the company longer and work hard to move up in status as well.

3. Allow for Varied Schedules-  If a company wants to attract and retain the most talented women in the field, they need to provide small areas of flexibility within the hours and schedule requirements of the business itself.  Perks such as giving employees the ability to work remotely and tailor their own schedules does wonders for retaining women within a company and allowing them to grow.

To learn more about methodologies for supporting  and retaining female leadership roles in the workplace, check out the rest of the Huffington Post article.

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