Business Advantages of Diversity in the Workplace

Companies in America recognize the significant advances to diversity in the workplace. What comes with successfully integrating employees from culturally diverse backgrounds is a stronger and more collaborative company. Many firms, unfortunately, do not understand the importance or the challenges of diversity within the workplace.

Diversity is an integral part of a business plan as it is essential to successful products and increased sales. In today’s global marketplace, companies interact with different cultures and clients more than ever and is expected to increase even more.

A few notable advantages of diversity within companies are: increased productivity, creativity, new attitudes, language skills, global understanding, and essentially new and different ways to solve difficult problems.

1. Creativity.
When people solve difficult problems by working together towards a common goal, there are many different way to answer one question.The more ideas you can collaborate and brainstorm with different people, the more likely you will target your problem from many different angles.

2. Productivity.
Globalization and internationalization is the reason foreign executives are extremely successful in the American corporate world. Increased productivity is an advantage when people of all cultures pull together to complete a goal.

3. Attitudes.
Americans may want to consider adopting perspectives from other cultures when it comes to issues with time. American culture believes “time is money” while most other countries around the world put large emphasis on “time is for building relationships”.

4. Language.
In some markets, international employees are at an advantage because they are taught multiple languages in grade school. Even though having English as a native tongue is extremely valuable, we can also learn tons peak other languages to increase relationship satisfaction with he people we are doing business with.

In the fast-paced world we liv in today, there is not much time left for thinking before acting. American workers must bring various skills to the workplace, think cross culturally, and move beyond the confines of old workplace traditions and mind-sets. Those who are actively contributing to the tearing down of cultural boundaries within the business world are much more likely to succeed, even in tough economic times.

Diversity in the workplace is a very key compete of success within the workplace and can make American companies much more productive and profitable. It is important to incorporate diversity across the board and to embrace change as it has the potential to bring many more benefits to business success.

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