How to Stay Healthy and Happy on Long Flights

Lori Cornmesser

Not all long-haul flights have to be a miserable feat. There are ways to plan ahead to ensure a peaceful, calm, and happy trip. Overeating to compensate for energy to be lost or not sleeping enough to sleeping too much are common issues experienced by those who travel frequently. The more you travel, the more you recognize your own body’s response to long flights which prepares you how to plan ahead for next time!

1. Activities.

Stay productive, bring some work on the light, bring movies, bring good books. All these help to make the time fly by. When ever do you get 15 hours of free time these days?

2. Pack so lightly.

This is a huge tip-off to happiness while traveling. Check your big, heavy bags. Keep on your person only a tote bag with a sweater, some snacks, water, your book, an iPad or a light computer with headphones. Maybe some makeup too if you are meeting someone directly when you get off. Also, the less you have, the less you have to keep track of.

3. Upgrade yourself.

If it’s open to you, especially on long-haul flights, upgrade to the next level. Even if it’s just for some more leg space, or if it’s first class, or premium first class, do yourself a favor and treat yourself. You’ll have a smooth flight.

4. Eat well.

Stick to healthy, protein and healthy-fat foods that fuel you for the long-haul. Stay away from overeating and stay away from easy carbs. Stick to seltzer and lemon, say no to the sugary drinks. Also, alcohol isn’t the best idea in flight because it dehydrates you even more. Keep well-hydrated and drink plenty of water throughout the flight. Getting up to use the restroom is a great way to move your legs around.

5. Boarding well.

Make sure to start your flight relatively well-rested. It’s also important to stay calm, cool, and collected. Being stressed makes you physically uncomfortable, no matter where you are. Sitting in an airline seat for 15+ hours is known to be physically uncomfortable, so do yourself a favor and practice mindfulness and meditation before you get on your flight to clear your mind. It’s best to keep ourselves peaceful in order to have a happy fligh

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