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Lori Cornmesser

Ixia Communications

Lori Cornmesser is the Vice President of Global Channel Sales at Ixia Communications.  A recent addition to the Ixia team, Lori Cornmesser has already proved herself to be an asset to the company, and recently been recognized as a Channel Chief of 2014, an honor only bestowed upon those who have proved themselves as leaders within their company and are noteworthy contributors to the success of the Channel.

Ixia communications is a strong company within the channel.  They are the developers of highly advanced products that allow for faster, better, stronger technological connections across the globe.  Ixia strives to provide its customers with connections that are available around the clock, are rapid, secure, and dependable.

World-wide, Ixia’s solutions to technological complications are utilized by service providers, government centers, reputable equipment manufacturers, and enterprises in order to improve performance of the network, strengthen security and legitimize compliance.  Similarly, these entities utilize the work of Ixia to get a better look at current and potential applications of the network, allowing them to troubleshoot more effectively and better oversee performance of the network, noting where it needs work.  Ixia’s solutions have also intensified and solidified security for mission-critical networks, steeling them against intrusion.  They have also advanced the overall performance, application and security of a variety of network services.

The success of Ixia within the network is due to their going above and beyond on a number of levels to facilitate the advancement of the network.  Their assessments of the network are constantly looking to improve the system and allow for connections that will be sound and reliable through a wide variety of situations, in a wide variety of locations.  These strong connections not only make communication across the globe much easier, they also have the potential to save lives.  For example, stable connections within the medical field- between hospitals and EMTs, and so on, can be crucial in terms of emergency response time and can make the difference between life and death.

Ixia Communications is facilitating the change we want to see for our future. With Ixia working tirelessly to create stronger, faster, more reliable and secure networks, connections and communication only stands to improve.