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Lori Cornmesser is the President of the Silicon Valley Diversity Council.  As an influential woman of a diverse descent, she is highly attune to the importance of incorporating ethnically and culturally diverse individuals into the workplace.  The inclusion of diverse individuals in the workplace is imperative in order to cultivate a stronger, more cohesive business that utilizes a more expansive variety of resources, skills and knowledge by employing said individuals.

Lori Cornmesser is also the first individual to ever hold the position of Vice President of Global Channel Sales at Ixia communications, which is her current, and fairly recent, title within the company.  Lori Cornmesser has been recognized on numerous occasions for her accomplishments and noteworthiness within her field of expertise. CRN Magazine has honored her as one of the Top Women in the Channel for the past 5 years and she was recognized as the Woman Worth Watching of 2011 for the Diversity Journal.  Her most recent addition to her impressive accolades is her being named a Channel Chief of 2014 by CRN Magazine.  A Channel Chief indicates that said individual has exhibited impressive leadership and management skills within the partner programs that solution providers depend on to run their businesses.  The honorees of 2014 have done especially well in the facilitation of success for the partners of their company by way of helping them to implement more efficient business models and guiding them in the use of novel technologies to glean more success.

While Lori Cornmesser’s career and her commitment to the Silicon Valley Diversity Council require a great deal of her time and energy, she makes sure to prioritize her time and balance her time effectively so that she has time to spend with her family and for her own personal life.  Lori Cornmesser is the proud mother of two children, Mateo and Sofia.  In her free time, she enjoys cooking, reading, writing children’s books, and outdoor activities.

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Lori Cornmesser lives and works in San Francisco, California.

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