The California Diversity Council

Lori CornmesserThe California Diversity Council, which is the umbrella organization for the Silicon Valley branch, was founded just recently in 2009.  The organization aims to increase society’s understanding of people from diverse backgrounds and the importance of including these individuals as integral parts of society at large.  The council itself is made up of 5 advisory boards in areas throughout California: Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco/Bay Area, Sacramento and Silicon Valley.  Silicon Valley is the branch for which Lori Cornmesser is the President.

The Council aims to reach its goal of spreading diversity in the workplace and understanding of diversity in society by way of youth outreach activities and efforts, to inspire understanding and respect in children at a young age, as well as enhancing leadership within companies and schools so that these leaders have the capacity to educate others on numerous facets of diversity and facilitate the integration of diversity into their business or school by way of activities and promotional endeavors.

The vision of the council is to foster workplace communities that celebrate individuals for their uniqueness and where diversity is an original contribution to a larger entity.  A diverse workplace means that the business at large has more original resources, experiences and ideas to draw from.  A diverse workplace is a successful workplace, and the California Diversity Council aims to spread this viewpoint.

The education of community leaders who are knowledgeable of all facets of diversity and diversity acceptance who will then be able to lead their communities in awareness and positivity surrounding diversity is one of the main goals of the council.  They will also seek to create programs and events to spread awareness and understanding of diversity, as well as promote diversity in the workplace, community and education systems.

The California Diversity & Leadership Conference, the Women in Leadership Symposium, the Talent Summit and the Multicultural Roundtable are just a handful of the annual events/conferences held by the The California Diversity Council in order to bring individuals together to spread ideas and perpetuate diversity understanding and awareness.  These events help facilitate networking between diverse individuals and perpetuate the mission and goals of the California Diversity Council.

Lori Cornmesser is proud to be the President of the Silicon Valley branch of the California Diversity Council.  As a woman of Latin, German and African American heritage, she identifies closely with the causes of the council and takes great joy in being a part of an organization with such a positive message and cause.